Trout Friendly Program

Boreal has always taken pride in being environmentally conscious of the decisions we make. We have joined the trout friendly lawns program. This is a part of the Jackson Hole clean water coalition. We are believers that a lot of the environmental damage that goes on is due to a lack of knowledge and easy solutions as opposed to blatant disregard for the environment. There are of course, some people in the world that chose profits over doing what is right, but most people are caring and rely on the professionals to suggest well-educated solutions to desirable landscapes. At Boreal, we pride ourselves with a team of educated, caring professionals that make sound decisions. We live in an amazing ecosystem that is very delicate and needs to be treated with respect.

Boreal clients are chosen for long term relationships. We make decisions based on long term outcomes, not on quick profits. By doing this, we commit to the long term health of a property and it’s delicate environment. A healthy sustainable lawn and landscape will look better longer than a quick green, over-fertilized one. Clean water not only affects the fish and aquatic species, but it affects the water we drink and the long term can have effects on our families, especially the younger generation. So, when choosing a company to maintain your landscape, please choose wisely. We applaud the Jackson Hole clean water coalition and other groups like them that work toward the goal of preserving such an amazing place like Jackson Hole through education.

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