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We have had so many great projects over the years. It’s truly rewarding to plant a landscape and watch it get better as time goes on.

One project that I really enjoyed was a private access trail. We were approached in 2009 to make a trail for Snake River access. We were given permission to use our artistic license to make it natural, beautiful and wildlife-friendly. Much like many of the trails throughout our great national parks, we opted to build it with mostly natural materials we already had on-site.

There were some challenge areas through the path we chose due to steep terrain and natural water obstacles. Nevertheless, we overcame and developed more than a trail. It’s a walk through nature, filled with views of mountains, rivers and ponds. We often see beavers, bald eagles, Sandhill cranes, black bears, moose, elk, deer and sometimes even a mountain lion. We can watch the cutthroat trout spawning or line up for a meal in the current. At the end of this walk, the clients end up at one of the best fishing holes in the valley.

This project was beautiful at completion and eleven years later it has not lost that beauty. The accomplishment is not making a beautiful trail; the accomplishment is working with nature to develop a way to enjoy it. Using natural materials and native plants already existing in the surrounding environment, we did not alter the patterns of wildlife. We allowed a safe walking path through their home that they accepted.

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