Transient Work Force

Jackson Hole is filled with young people living the dream for a few years and moving on. Many of us at Boreal were no different, except that we drank the water in the mountains and never left. The high standard of quality we provide is a reflection of the people that do it. We pride ourselves in having employees that know a property and a client’s values.

We get some very talented staff that we know will move on, and we enjoy the time they give us. However, many of our employees are chosen as long term employees. We work with them to get over the obstacles of living in Jackson, with the help of our locally raised employees, who know the troubles of housing and high cost of living. We have provided some employee housing options as one way to help. Our crews work 4 day work weeks so they can also enjoy their time doing the activities that many of us have moved to Jackson for. We believe that finding the right work/home balance to stay healthy physically and mentally is the only way for long term sustainability. Therefore, we stay as flexible as possible with being able to still perform the same high-quality work our clients deserve. This takes an amazing overall team to accomplish this. Smart, outside of the box, thinking and team support. Life is short, work smart, be happy!

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